Keepin' it Fresh

Custom Headwear & Apparel

Keepin' it Fresh is a custom apparel company specializing in embroidery and screen printing. We pride ourselves in creating apparel of the highest quality while exceeding your expectations when it comes to customer service. Hats, shirts, hoodies, and more; we are here to help.

Creating custom apparel for breweries is a large part of our business, so we adopted the idea that clean water makes great beer. That's why we donate a large portion of our sales to water conservation projects around the country. Cheers, to keepin' it fresh!

About Us

Our business is simple. We are a custom embroidery and screen printing service specializing in baseball caps, winter hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo/work shirts, fleece, jackets, patches, and more. 

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Our Story

Back in 2013, our entire business centered on creating custom apparel for breweries and their gift shops, employees, websites, festivals, and more. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the rockies and its tucked away breweries, we witnessed the connection between clean mountain water and fresh delicious beer. It was at this moment that everything clicked: Use the support and enthusiasm surrounding the brewing industry to promote water conservation.

We seized our opportunity to participate through apparel. Because demand for quality, custom apparel is high for breweries, and access to this apparel is not only difficult to find but costly, we decided that our approach would solve this problem. Our business creates high-quality, custom apparel at a fair price. And to reinforce the mindset that clean water makes great beer, we  donate a large portion of our sales to water conservation efforts throughout the country. What began in the mountains of Colorado is now happily stationed on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Check out our "Water" page for more details.

Moving Forward

Water conservation efforts are strongest when united. Even though our apparel business has worked primarily with breweries, the connection between clean water and great beer has led to a word-of-mouth-based expansion of our custom services to now include other markets such as trout clubs, ski and surf, paddle sports, marinas, distilleries, non-profits, and more. Don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.

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